Run your car on water 5

Run your car on water 5: Run your car on water ebook will let you convert your car into a Water Hybrid Run your car on water e-book will let you convert your car into a Water Hybrid to save over 40% on fuel costs! Hydrogen is extracted on demand from nothing but water! Would you like to find out how to run your vehicle on water and stop wasting money on gas? Now you can convert your car to run on water, supplemental to gasoline, to increase your car`s fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel costs significantly.

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Easy Profit Margin 01.00

Making sure that your auction, brick-and-mortar or online storefront products are making you a profit, has never been easier. By enabling a complete breakdown of all product costs and time costs, Easy Profit Margin easily and quickly identifies your target price and how much money you will make per hour. Make sure that you have the big picture for running your business.

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TBS Vehicle Maintenance 6.00: Tracks scheduled and completed maintenance, fuel usage, operating costs
TBS Vehicle Maintenance 6.00

Tracks scheduled and completed maintenance work (based on miles, kilometers, or hours), fuel usage (in either gallons or liters), operating costs for maintenance, fuel and oil, and tire costs. Keeps track of vehicles expiring registration (license plate tags), vehicles that require inspections before their registration can be renewed. Also tracks driver infomation, including expiring drivers licenses.

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Seavus Project Planner 1.3: Project management software to plan and track projects, resources and costs.
Seavus Project Planner 1.3

Seavus Project Planner is a desktop project management software capable to plan and track projects, manage resources and track project costs. The software allows project managers to organize work and project delivery as well as to manage resource schedules and scope changes. Seavus Project Planner`s core features include: Project Collaboration, Project scheduling, Project tracking, Resource management as well as Project cost tracking.

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Product and Supplier Profitability Excel 30: Identify the true costs and profit associated with your products and suppliers.
Product and Supplier Profitability Excel 30

costs associated with your products. It does this by considering initial costs (purchase, transport, receiving, and reject), on-going costs (storage, overheads), as well as finance and customer return costs. Calculations are presented in both Form and Table view for effective display. Supplier/Product profiles are created in Form view and cost analysis by unit and profile applied. Sensitivity functions allow you to test variations for Stockturn and

transport, supplier, business, contribution, cost, overheads, returns, profit, purchase, finance, analysis, database, software

SmartShop POS, Inventory, Retail Management

KCS SmartShop system offers retailers a complete retail management solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements to improve in-stock positions, increase customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs. SmartShop is a future generation RRP (Retail Resource Planning) based generic retail management solution system for small, mid-size to large tier retailers.

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Call Accounting Mate Call Accounting Mate is a dynamic web based call accounting software package
Call Accounting Mate

Call Accounting Mate is an industrial strength, fast and reliable call accounting software that can be used in institutions such as offices, hospitals, universities, and organizations that need to allocate telecom costs to various individuals, departments or cost centers. It can also be used to monitor telephone costs and productivity of each and every employee in the company. Visit for more information.

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